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We provide mobile, onsite RV service in the Simcoe County area. We specialize in electrical work, appliance service, and plumbing.

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RV kitchen with residential appliances

We will repair your RV refrigerator, furnace, water heater, A/C and RV washing machine. My background in Industrial Systems troubleshooting enables me to identify the exact problem. Compared to industrial machines, RV appliances are quite simple. I will only replace parts if absolutely necessary, and I will not use the "Throw Parts At It Until It Works" approach.


Water leaks from the outside into your rig can be very detrimental to the structure of your RV. We will find the leak and repair it.

Wet flooring or carpet, especially around slideouts, is often the first indication of a leak. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars of damage as the RV ages, and sealants harden and crack. We can inspect your rubber roof for deteriorating sealant.


We can relocate your travel trailer or fifthwheel, using a late-model diesel dually long box truck dedicated to towing, equipped with 20,000lb fifthwheel hitch and 18,000lb conventional hitch. I have 25 years of safe heavy towing experience, and a Class A commercial drivers licence. Contact us for a quote to move your towable RV.

RV kitchen with residential appliances

We can remodel your RV kitchen and install a residential refrigerator, range or even a dishwasher! No more trying to cook and bake with a miniature RV oven or stovetop. Think how convenient it would be to have a full-sized residential refrigerator! With a little ingenuity, it is often possible to fit residential appliances into small spaces. Residential appliances are generally of superior design, and better quality than typical RV appliances.


We specialize in RV electrical systems, and are 12 volt experts! We can add additional LED lighting in your RV kitchen, or in other areas. 12 volt electrical systems require special expertise, and we are very experienced in working with, and modifying, these systems. We can service Converters and Transfer Switches. For extended dry camping, endurance can be increased by adding more battery capacity.


Do you have a persistent water leak? We can fix it. We do installations of new faucets. Often, a full-sized residential kitchen faucet can be fitted. We also service and repair RV water heaters. RV plumbing systems are quite different from residential, and we have the experience to work on them. A worthwhile addition is a small accumulator (pressure tank), which makes the RV water system much more "user friendly" when using the pump.

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