Mobile RV Service in Simcoe County and surrounding area

Please note that we do not provide motorhome automotive chassis service, such as oil changes and tune-ups

Our Services

We are a mobile-only service. There is no need for you to bring your RV to a shop, because we come to your location and perform the service there. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

HST is additional on any prices stated.

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RVs use a mix of 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC systems, and it is said that "never the two should meet". The 12 volt system in particular, can develop problems which can seem baffling. In these cases, an engineering "problem solving" approach is needed.


We have 40 years of experience in Industrial Electrical Engineering, and we have the right tools and expertise for both the 120 volt and 12 volt systems. Call the pros at Huronwoods RV Service today. We know what to do.

Inspection services

If you are thinking of buying or selling a used RV, we can perform a complete inspection of all systems, and provide a written status report.

If you are buying the rig, it gives peace-of-mind, and if you are selling, it gives the buyer confidence and possibly increases the selling price of your RV.

Cost of a complete inspection is $147. A service call charge may apply depending on distance.


RV plumbing systems are specialized, and quite different compared to residential systems. We have the tools and expertise to quickly repair leaks, replace faucets, and make modifications.

Because of the way most RVs are mass-produced, the type of materials used and the speed of the original installation often leads to annoying water leaks, even in newer units. For example, the cheap plastic PEX fittings used by most manufacturers can result in a slow drip at the fitting. We use only brass PEX fittings for trouble-free performance.


We have the expertise to repair all RV appliances. Water heater, furnace, refrigerator, air conditioner, RV washing machine. We bring 40 years of experience in Industrial Automation diagnostics and troubleshooting to the table. We replace parts only when necessary.

Awning service

We can repair or replace your patio awning or slide-topper awnings. We can supply and install new fabric, and replace bent or broken parts on power or manually-operated awnings.

Roof service

Your RV rubber roof requires regular inspection and maintenance to keep it in good condition and leak-free. We recommend an annual inspection and re-caulking as necessary. We use the correct sealants recommended by the rubber roof manufacturer. Cost of a roof inspection, including minor caulking, is $98. Half a tube of sealant is included, if more is required it is at additional cost. A service call charge may apply depending on distance. Roof leaks due to cracked and weathered sealant may result in water leaking into the walls, resulting in expensive, difficult-to-repair damage.

We can replace roof vents and plumbing vent caps, as shown in the picture.

Slideout service and repair

We repair and adjust slideout mechanisms. Correct operation of slidouts is essential to keeping rainwater out of your RV. We can repair or replace slide drive motors and the associated electrics.

Trailer brake and bearing service

Brake and bearing maintenance for fifthwheel and travel trailers is the key to trouble-free driving on the highway. We have a Class A mechanic on staff to provide this essential service at your location.

The consequences of a bearing failure while driving are usually expensive, often requiring axle replacement, and can be dangerous to yourself and other road users. See here for pictures of a typical bearing failure cause by lack of lubrication.

As part of this service, we fully inspect all critical components, and check the operation of each brake. It is surprising how many towables have one or more non-functioning brakes, compromising your ability to stop in an emergency situation.

Our price for bearing maintenance is $110 per wheel. This includes the following: (service call charge may be extra)

- Complete disassembly and cleaning of the hub and bearings

- Inspection of bearing cages and races

- Inspection of brake shoes and brake drum

- Pack bearings with synthetic grease, using a professional packer

- Install a new double-lip quality grease seal

- Reassemble the hub and set bearing preload to factory specs

- Adjust brakes, and check electric brake operation at each wheel

- Torque lug nuts to factory specs

This work is done by a licensed Class A automotive technician.

If required, replacement bearings and brake shoes are additional.