Kitchen Range


Most RVs come from the factory equipped with a two or three burner propane stovetop, and possibly a small propane oven. Many units have no oven....a convection microwave may be provided instead.

For snowbird or fulltime use, these small appliances are limiting and inconvenient. We lived with the original appliances in our fulltiming rig for several years, and we eventually decided that a change was required.

A full-size 30 inch gas range can often be made to fit in the available space. Some changes may be required to the counter top and cabinetry. Virtually all residential ranges come with a conversion kit for propane, as many rural homes use this fuel for heating instead of natural gas. The new appliance must be secured to the floor to prevent any movement when on the road. Any loose grills or burners on the stovetop should be removed when traveling. This becomes part of the pre-departure checklist.



Some higher-end motorhomes, and a few luxury fifthwheels like Elite Suites by Doubletree, come equipped with a drawer-type dishwasher. This type of dishwasher has less capacity than a regular residential unit, and is much more expensive to buy.

It is possible in many cases to find the space to install a residential unit. Dishwashers are available in both the common 30 inch size, and the "apartment-size" 24 inch. The 24 inch units tend to be more expensive, because of much lower production volume.

It is usually quite easy to provide the plumbing connections for a dishwasher. Grey water tanks are often located below the kitchen floor, and a hot water line is usually available nearby. Modern appliances use very little water. 4 or 5 gallons per load is common. This means that the dishwasher could be used even when not connected to a sewer at a campsite.

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